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Welcome to my Family pages.


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My interest in Genealogy began in 1995, when I was 25, after going to a family reunion. I didn't really get into it till a few years later. I was curious of the history of my roots and the people who left us stories which are still being told, the legacies which are still honored and the thoughts of what life was like back in the "old days".

After reading some books, talking with family members and meeting new family members over the internet I have managed to acquire some information and knowledge of my ancestors. I have not found any other internet site which contains the McConnery family tree. I have made my own to help others in their research and to share this information with otherwise distant relatives. The following pages represent the McConnery, O'Connor, McGee and Charron family trees of the Upper Gatineau region of Quebec, Canada.

The following pages trace part of the history of  these families and is considered a work in progress, as most family trees are.

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